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There is now an introduction forum set up. ALL members MUST post an introduction, as the applications have been taken down. This does NOT have to be personal, but you can make it personal if you choose to. It must at least contain your exact gamer tag. Please be sure to do this as soon as possible. TMT 1 has been posted under 'Structure'. The bootcamp test will be set up within the next day or two. This test will be the passing grade into an E-5 rank. After you become an E-5 by passing the TMT 1, send a group request for TMT 2, the link can be found at the bottom of the page. The new rank system is also up!! The awards and pins are still under construction, but will be up within the next day or two.

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Welcome to SWB's Clan Basic Entry Training
This manual is to provide our members with the basic knowledge we feel that they should know to become better soldiers on the battlefield.
Why so basic? Some may find this too basic but it’s geared toward basic tactics we all should learn and know. I didn’t go in depth with a lot of things because I feel that as you go up in rank you should become familiar with advance tactics. This is why I created the TMTs so we can have a gradual learning curve

If you pass this test will earn an award and also be eligible for further promotion in the clan

What if you don’t pass? If a member doesn’t have a passing score they have two options. First forget the test and don’t reattempt it and stay a low rank or wait 3 days from the last test and re-take it. There is no reason why anyone shouldn’t try to pass this. Not only using the following information makes you a better player it will make a better squad.

Sections are as Follows

I.Basic Field Tactics

a. Communications
B.terrain navigation

II.Squad Tactics and Movements

a. Orders
c. Tactics
d. Roles


a. Assault
b. Engineer
c. Medic
d. Sniper

IV. Vehicles

a. Vehicles

a. New members
D.other information

I. Basic Field Tactics
I assume you know the controls and very basic mechanics of the game. We are going to cover basic tactics that you should become familiar with. You are part of a squad and expected to fill the role to which you are assigned, on a side note sometimes you may be asked to alter your role for a match because of map or simply the squad needs something else. You must conform to the conditions presented and adapt to the best of your abilities. Listen to your peers that offer advice and tactics and always follow the orders given by your squad leader. A squad that listens and works together efficiently is truly a force to reckon with.

A. Communication

This is a big one MARK TARGETS. Marking targets is easy simply point your crosshairs at what you want to mark and press the back button. I cannot stress this enough. It’s a good idea whenever you see an enemy to do this before you engage in case you don’t get them or are killed. This shows their location to the other members. You can mark enemies, vehicles, and most importantly UAVs. Don’t just mark and not say anything call the target out being as clear and descriptive as possible for example I’m a sniper I see an enemy cross the road I first mark them with the back button then call them out to my members “I got a enemy moving left to the building in front of the helipad I just marked him.” The same goes for squad leaders their orders must be clear for example you can’t just say “I need you to provide overwatch over M-com A” It should be “I need you to provide overwatch in the building across the road from A while we arm it.” The back button is also the best way to communicate to other members in a different squad. Like if you want a ride point at the vehicle you want to ride with and press back you will appear as an arrow on the other player’s mini map and will know that you want a ride the same is true with players not in a vehicle try this with assault and you will ask for an ammo box. Playing with your squad builds communication.

B.Terrain navigation

You will encounter a lot of different terrain and how you navigate it may determine if you live or die or if you just gave away your position. First you must learn the difference in cover and concealment. Cover is anything that will protect you from harm such as a tree or large rock. Concealment is anything that conceals you from the enemy and provides no protection. When navigating the terrain stay vigilant moving slowly between cover and concealment and scanning back and forth looking for threats. A member that moves without knowing what’s around them is dead. Blind rushing never wins games. Try not to move on top of large hills as you will sillouette yourself making you an easy target try to move around hills and not over them if possible. Don’t move along roads. One thing is universal about roads they have no cover or concealment. Roads are a death trap. Look at your terrain take the path that will be safest not the fastest. When setting up a defense try to find an elevated position overlooking everything else. Elevation is a tactical advantage easier to shoot down on someone than moving uphill firing
II.Squad Tactics and Movements
This section is to explain simple orders, formations and movements. These are important to remember a squad leader will expect everyone to know these without question.

A. Orders

These are common orders that a member should come to expect
Regroup/form up-member(s) are to come to the location or destination of squad leader
Advance-members(s) are to move forward
Take point-member is to get in front of the squad and be in the lead when navigating to an objective or location (assault is ideal for this role)
Fall back-member(s) are to break contact and move backwards
Wait on my mark-member(s) are to wait to take action until the squad leader give the go
Hold-member(s) are to not move from their current position
Fire at will-engage all enemies without hesitation
Hold fire-don’t fire on enemies unless fired upon


Cover Area
-while operating in a squad formation each member should know what area or zone to cover immediately .Your cover area can be decided by your squad leader but under I will give the regular use under cover areas in the formations.
Lag Members
-In alot of formations a member can act as a squad lag member. When a member is a lag member they space themselves and stay in the rear of the squad formation. This is ideal when a sniper is operating within the squad. It keeps them back enough to cover the rear and make them effective at range to the front. With other classes this can be used to provide the most rear security when there’s are high chance for enemy attacks to the rear

Cover area guide
-these numbers on represent the direction that member must focus on in relationship to the formation
1. Front 2.left 3.right 4.pivot between left, front, and right (lag) keep a broad view to the front

The wedge is the basic squad formation. It provides fire in all direction immediately and provides good overall squad security. The formation is designed to expand and contract during terrain navigation.
When to use
-when terrain is not too extreme that it cuts out line of sight of members. When over all cover is needed to navigate and to defend the squad. This formation is better suited to offensive operations

- Members form in a line. This creates maximum fire to the front but leaves your flanks open.
When to use
-when fire must be directed in the front. Offensive use includes sweeping a wide area for enemies, drawing enemy fire, and suppressing fire/cover fire. Defensive use includes making a firing line to defend a wide area in front of an objective.

-members form a file lining up one in front of the other. Creates a small profile and fast travel. Protection to the flanks weak defense to the front and rear
When to use
-When your squad is trying to move fast or keep a low profile. It’s ideal when there is little room to operate. It’s the most effective while operating in urban areas.

Multiple squad formations

These are the basic multiple squad formations when more than one squad is moving together

-provides good lateral dispersion and squad security without sacrificing maneuverability.
When to use
-when a larger group of squads need to move to the same direction or provide suppression for the squad that must be protected. It also provides faster trave

The W
-This formation function the same of the line except with multiple squads
When to use-same as the line with multiple squads

Vehicle Formations-pleas forgive my crude images


Tank and Bradley

Armored and Light" border="0" alt="" />
These are basic tactics on the squad level

-member is stay take up a defensive position and provides cover and information for the squad in assigned location or objective. Can be used on a squad level also

Cover fire/suppress
- a member(s) is to lay down fire in an assigned direction or location. It’s used to cover movement or an objective by keeping an enemies head down not letting them advance forward

Bounding overwatch
-squads break up into 2 parts and do a leap frog you can say. One unit moves forward while the other one covers. When the other unit is done moving then they provide cover for the other unit while they advance. The squad leader should direct movement and be ready to react to contact

-the flank is when a member or squad attacks from the either side of the enemy or objective. These are most effective when some members suppress from the front allowing the flanker to move.

Entering buildings
-first the member best suited to CQC should be the first in (shotgun, full auto weapon with faster firing rate. Medics shouldn’t be considered to enter first unless they are not your primary medic)the first member in immediately turns right and sweeps the area the next guy in sweeps the left the next guy in covers the area in front of the entrance while the last guy end covers the entrance that you entered from. When you enter and sweep in the direction you assign note danger points such as windows, doors, and stairs

Going up stairs
-to be safe this must be attempted by a team of two. The first member up the stair must keep their focus in front and up the stairs about mid way up the stairs check up(some enemies like to camp the stairway from the attic)then turn 180 checking the area behind the stairs if clear rush up the stairs repeating the techniques used to enter buildings.

These are a list of titles of a certain class that defines the make up of a squad


Point-an assault member that carries a full auto weapon with a grenade launcher
Def Point-carries a full auto weapon with smoke
CQC Point-carries fully auto weapon with shotgun
Mid Assault-carries a burst fire weapon uses mainly and 4x scope
Def Mid Assault-same as above except they carry smoke


Demo assault-carries an alternate weapon such a g3 or m14 and C4
-Anti Vehicle/structure-carries a launcher to combat vehicles and blast holes into buildings
-Def Anti-Vehicle-carries AT mines to destroy vehicle before they become a threat (most effective when used as defense and with explosive upgrade


Combat Medic-medic that uses no med kit upgrades tuned more towards combat
Combat Life Saver-Medic that uses all med kit upgrades


Marksman-sniper that focuses on engaging the enemy from long ranges carries mortar and 12x scope or Spotter Scope
Combat Sniper-Carries an alternate weapon such as a G3 or M14 or Automatic or semi sniper rifle with a 4x or dot scope and mortar
Demo Combat Sniper-same as above except they carry C4
Universal Role Tags
Demo-carries C4
Def-Focused on defensive tactics
Mid-semi auto or burst weapon
CQC-Carries Shotgun as primary weapon

-the assault class is a power class that spec in fighting the enemy they can carry a wide variety of weapons focus on infantry combat they also carry a variety of sub weapons such as 40mm grenades,40mm shotgun,smoke,and C4.They also deploy ammo crates to refill the ammo count of your weapons and your squad.

Taking point
-assault classed should be used as the primary point man for your squad. They are unmatched in combat and their weapons can engage at all ranges.

-smoke is an important tool. It masks troop movements and provides concealment for crossing dangerous zones or planting a bomb. Placement should be strategic and not random remember not only are you blinding your enemy but also your team such as snipers and armor. When moving under smoke cover place the smoke in the direction of your movement and should be placed close to your position not leaving a lot of viewing field for the enemy to see you . When placing smoke an objective such as an m-com station smoke should not be placed directly on it. It should be placed behind in the objective or in the direction of the enemy spawn. If placed directly on it it will not only mask you arming it but also the enemy disarming it.

Ammo Crates
-they refill your ammo. Bullets refill quicker than grenades. Something to remember about ammo crates is that they refill the weapon that you have out during the refill first an example is if you have a 40mm grenade launcher out while you step on a crate it will refill the grenade ammo first


-The engineer class specs in destroying and repairing vehicles. They are the only class to carry launchers and AT Mines. They are an important class to have in any squad and dictate the battlefield when vehicle combat is the focus. Their downfall is their weapon damage at mid and long range combat.

-The engineer carry 3 different types of launchers The RPG, Carl G, and The AT4.When choosing which to use consider this. The RPG is better suited for destroying Vehicles and is compatitable with the tracer gun. The Carl G is better for Destroying building and killing the enemy while not mounted they also are compatitable with the tracer gun. The AT4 is different it is guided by the user and requires more time to operate it is not compatitable with the tracer gun.

AT Mines
-These are powerful tools for defense when vehicle combat is a focus. Mines should not be placed in the open they are easy to spot. When placing mines look for high traffic spots. Mines are effective when placed in craters; it makes em hard to see .Note though that some craters are too deep and a vehicle can roll over them and not set them off. When the crater is deep place mines inside the crater along the outer rim. When there are no craters look for shadows they blend in better here than in the open. Mines also can be deployed in the water to destroy vehicles such as boats and jet skis. They are almost impossible to spot while in the water so take caution while driving in the water.

Tracer Gun
- The tracer is used to mark targets for engineers that carry a RPG or Carl G. When a target is marked pull out your launcher and aim towards the marked vehicle. You will notice a red box on the target this does not mean you are locked on just that the target is marked. Continue to aim at the red box until a set of numbers appear under it, this is the range which means that the launcher is locked on. Fire the rocket and watch as it chases down the target


-The Medic is by far one of the most important classes to have in a squad. They revive down players and can deploy med kits. When they revive a player they also restore a ticket in the ticket count. They use machine guns which are useful for suppressing the enemy providing cover fire .Their drawback is the accuracy of their primary during movement which suffers significantly.

Under no circumstances should the squad medic be used as the point man. Medic should stay away from fire as much as possible.

Medic kit upgrades are available which can benefit you greatly in a firefight, the two upgrades are, and

Medic Kit R- Greatly improves the range of the medic kit healing range and adds to the range to all other medic kits.
Medic Kit H- It will increase healing speed by a considerable amount. The more Medic Kits that are out the quicker it heals.

Reviving- Do NOT ever run into crossfire to save another teammates life if it will put yours in danger. Remember that your life in more important than any other persons. You cannot save them all.


- An expert at long range combat. Primary role is to provide cover fire, mark targets, and to give a general overview of the battlefield. They also carry motion mines that are helpful on both offence and defense; they will show enemy movements with in the distance of the mine. They also carry a mortar strike which is useful keeping enemies from a planted bomb or to put a dent into any enemy armor.
Sniping out of buildings-DO NOT stick your gun out the windows this is a huge but common mistake. It will give you away quicker than anything. Instead step back from the window and shoot within the room

Bullet drop
- When shooting at range the bullet will drop. A sniper must make a judgment on how much the bullet will drop and correct this by raising your sights. Because sniper is mostly at a distance a good sniper will instinctively know how much to raise their aim and is gained though practice and experience. Magnum ammo can help with bullet drop, but don’t expect a huge change.

-Shooting at moving targets is hard. When shooting a moving target take in consideration range speed, and direction of travel. Try to predict where the target will be when you fire. This is a skill gained by practice and experience

Motion Mines
-These are by far one of the most important tools a sniper can use. They are both an offensive and defensive tool. When on offence they should be thrown in front of the squad in the direction of travel to give them a heads up on whats ahead. They also help to see if a building is clear and how well a m-com station/flag is defended. On defense they should be deployed in high traffic areas where you expect enemies to come from, also on objective you’re trying to defend such as an m-com station. Defensive use of the mine should be used as much as possible if you don’t spot an enemy with the mine deploy another in a different location. When an m-com station/flag is being or has been armed a motion mine should be deployed as soon as possible.

Spotter scope-
This is recommended for all snipers. The spotter scope spots enemies automatically and can spot multiple enemies at one time. This can help your squad greatly

Mortar Strike-
this tool is good on offence and Defense. In both cases they are good for destroying vehicles and routing enemies in the direction you want them to go. On offence they are good for when your squad has armed an m-com station preventing enemies from disarming they also help deny the enemy from entering certain points on the map. Defensive use is good for clearing enemies from a point on the map where they have an advantage and good for clearing them from an m-com station/flag Mortar strikes can also be used on the move such as a chopper. As long as you keep the crosshairs in the red box it will drop without having to confirm the location.

M_50cal-This sniper rifle is the only one that can damage vehicles such as choppers.


A. Vehicles
-I assume everyone knows the function of the vehicle types such as tanks and Bradleys so I won’t go in depth with each one.
Light-these vehicles focus is speed and should not be used as fighting platform. Although some of these vehicles are armed it’s not a good idea to stick it out and fight due to lack of armor. Try to keep these for transport and dismount when things hit the fan
-the gunner of a vehicle of a tanks and Bradley should be focused on keeping enemies away from the vehicle and keep an eye out for the flanks Where the driver cannot see. Also to gun down enemies that the driver can’t engage.

-remember that the UAV can be repaired by an engineer another good tip with the UAV is out of sight out of mind. Try to fly it around the boarders of the map and conceal it when waiting for the thing to re-arm. It also deploys 3 smoke canisters which is useful for troop movement.

-When flying a black hawk try keeping your gunner on the left as you pilot the chopper on the right. This will help protect the pilot from sniper and other incoming fire. They also can be repaired in flight.

-Using vehicle smoke. If your vehicle gets traced and a missile lock has been acquired use smoke this clears the trace and missile lock. NOTE when using smoke while flying be aware that the smoke animation must be complete to be effective so try not to use it in the last second it won’t work also if you noticed a tracer on your vehicle but no missile lock go ahead and use your smoke it will be cleared

-Black Hawks are an excellent transport and mobile spawn. If you plan on jumping tell you pilot where you want out and try not to jump on the gun leaving that spot open for someone that plans on sticking in the plane. They also can be used as a fire support to devastating effect use them when enemy suppression is a must

-Player vehicle specs stack for example if one player has v armor and another has warheads the vehicle they travel in together will have both these spec so keep in mind what each member of your squad has for a vehicle spec

-A fully loaded Bradley can be devastating they can direct fire in all directions

-IF you’re in a armored vehicle or Chopper and your hear a beeping that means an enemy has a bead on your with a guided missile such as a stationary AT or AT4 so move immediately

-Vehicles are most armored in the front and weaker on the sides Its extremely weak in the rear when fighting vehicles aim for the sides and rear if possible this rule is true of your vehicle to try to keep the front of the vehicle pointed toward the direction of attack or action. Keeping your vehicle to the front not only provides more armor but makes you a smaller target.

-Quads are good for covering terrain quickly and are effective for flanking maneuvers

V. Members

E-1 through E-4
As a new member in the clan you might feel overwhelmed with all this new information this section is help prepare new members and show them what to expect

A. New Members
-First of all need if you just joined check your private messages in the forum when a member joins a PM is sent automatically. Please respond to this PM or you won’t be considered active within and subject to removal from the clan also the faster you do this the faster you can be assigned to a division and squad.

Divisions and squads-
our clan is system is based on divisions that operate with squads that have members of 4-6.there are 3 squads within a division. Why three? Three was chosen because a game hosts 12 players on each team and with a division with 3 squads of 4 members equals 12 players
You’re expected to train with your squad and get familiar with them. Each squad operates differently so practice with them often to get a feel for how things work. Learn your chain of command and use it. If you have a problem first bring it to one of your squad SGTs to solve it. If a solution can’t be met then go a step ahead in the chain of command.

B. Whats Expected of new members

-Get Familiar with the website and USE IT
-Attend squad events and practices and try to let your squad know in advance if you can’t attend
-Be active within your squad and division. Let your voice be heard
-follow orders or tasks given by your chain of command
-Fulfill your role given by the squad to the best of your abilities
-Be courteous and respectful to all members
-Be aware of fellow members actions good and bad

C. Your Rights as New Members

-to compete in a functioning squad
-not to be victim of favoritism unfair treatment
-to a be under leadership of a good leader that leads properly and with a purpose
-to request a new squad
-to request and receive awards in a timely manner
-to operate under the same rules and not be given any special treatment
-to be informed and invited to play in events and practices
-to be commended on good actions and activity
-to have conflicts resolved in a timely and fair manner

D. Other Information

-Although it is optional file (not for officers) an AAR whenever you conclude an event or practice these can be used to help develop your squad and to keep records for awards
-USE THE WEBSITE-this is a must to be a competitive squad all important information is posted here
-If a member does a notable act file a recommendation to your SO or if a negative action let it be known to your SO
-Members to keep in mind are ]Blue Shark which runs the website and takes care of clan issues not dealing with game play and Murder Rich which run the clan and issues dealing with the clan.
-BCT testing- keep a lookout for testing times on the calendar passing BCT grants you an award
-TMT-as you move up in rank your will encounter times when in order to advance to another rank you must take a TMT test(training manual test)You will be directed to information dealing with the rank responsibilities and tactics like the BCT testing keep an eye out for testing dates
-requirements for award and rank will be found in the structure forum. The structure forum contains the first TMT and a wealth of other information.

This guide was written for use by SWB clan members only. Use of this manual by others without permission from the clan is prohibited
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