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The Soldiers Without Boundaries Clan that is exclusive to all of Xbox Lives community for anyone who would like to join!
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There is now an introduction forum set up. ALL members MUST post an introduction, as the applications have been taken down. This does NOT have to be personal, but you can make it personal if you choose to. It must at least contain your exact gamer tag. Please be sure to do this as soon as possible. TMT 1 has been posted under 'Structure'. The bootcamp test will be set up within the next day or two. This test will be the passing grade into an E-5 rank. After you become an E-5 by passing the TMT 1, send a group request for TMT 2, the link can be found at the bottom of the page. The new rank system is also up!! The awards and pins are still under construction, but will be up within the next day or two.

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 TMT 1

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PostTMT 1

Training Manual Test 1 NCO Sergeant E-5

If your reading this I assume your are ready to take on the challenge of NCO. The NCO is the backbone of the clan their rank carries respect and is an important role to fill. The NCO fights in the trenches along with his troops and carries out all of his objectives with skill and purpose. When a member becomes a NCO they are taking the first steps to advancement and leadership roles in the clan. The responsibilities of this role are critical to the clan as they are the glue that holds us together.

Responsibilities of an E-5 Sergeant

The most important thing is morale and keeping members active. Your job is to keep everything in order with the members below you. It falls on you keeping members up to date with important information like the matches, calendar dates, game battle information and any info you deem important. When a new member is assigned to your squad the first thing that you need to do is message the member and get familiar with them also tell them how things work in the clan ,about rank ,how to use the website ,who to talk to about problems, getting them registered with game battles(note if your member is a casual player let your higher ups should be told so they can assign them to a reserve squad),what role they are to fill in your squad. it’s a good idea to get a couple games together to get a feel for each other. A big thing that needs to pressed into them is being active on the web site. When a member is not on the website they don’t have a voice and not represented, encourage them to check in often look at everything and have an opinion. The website is the best tool we have. Don’t be afraid to correct or suggest things to the newer members they need mentors and someone to push them to be a bigger part of the clan . Now things don’t always go smooth and you must step up and try to resolve the problems presented. Always be courteous and polite even when the other party is acting like a fool you’re the bigger man. When two members have a dispute you must act like a mediator and try to settle the problem and if a solution cant be reached you can send it up the chain of command which you can request a transfer of a member or citation. You don’t have the power to transfer or issue citations/ suspensions that must be handled by the NCO above you. If you and another member have a dispute which needs mediated the role goes to the NCO above you. When mediating and you reach a decision concerning the problem you must inform them that they have a right to appeal your decision to the next in the chain of command in which case they have the option to hear the appeal or not. You also must report in-active members and give recommendations for other members of your squad that want to be Sergeants.

E-5 Tactics

No other test will be given for this section, your boot camp test will count towards this rank-up.
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