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There is now an introduction forum set up. ALL members MUST post an introduction, as the applications have been taken down. This does NOT have to be personal, but you can make it personal if you choose to. It must at least contain your exact gamer tag. Please be sure to do this as soon as possible. TMT 1 has been posted under 'Structure'. The bootcamp test will be set up within the next day or two. This test will be the passing grade into an E-5 rank. After you become an E-5 by passing the TMT 1, send a group request for TMT 2, the link can be found at the bottom of the page. The new rank system is also up!! The awards and pins are still under construction, but will be up within the next day or two.

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 Ranks and rank requirements

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Murder Rich
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PostRanks and rank requirements

Below are the guidelines for the new rank system. Warrant Officer ranks will be rewarded to special privilege members such as Recruiters, Webmasters, Etc. This is not set in stone, but a test run to see how this rank system will fare. Feedback is welcome if you see any changes that should be made to better the system, we'd like to know if the system is too strict or too weak.

E-2 Private: 1 post
E-3 Private 1st class: 10 posts
E-4 Specialist: 20 posts
E-5 Sergeant: TMT 1 soldiers Award BCT
E-6 Staff Sergeant: Time In 1 month. Been awarded Loyalty Award.
E-7 Sergeant 1st class: TMT 2
E-8 Master Sergeant: Been awarded Combat Vet Award.
E-8 First Sergeant: Must have seniority over any other NCO in your squad.
E-9 Sergeant Major: TMT 3


0-1 Second Lieutenant: TMT 4, Time in 2 months. Been awarded Training Award and Seasoned Combat Vet Award.
0-2 First Lieutenant: Been awarded 1 Commendation Award.
0-3 Captain: Been awarded Leadership Award. TMT 5.
0-4 Major: Time in 3 months.
0-5 Lt. Colonel: TMT 6.
0-6 Colonel: Time in 4 months. Been awarded 2 Seasoned Combat Vet Awards.
0-7 Brigadier General: TMT 7. Been awarded 3 Commendation Awards.
0-8 Major General: Time in 5 months. Been awarded 10K pin or higher and a Bronze Star or higher.
0-9 Lt. General: Time in 6 months. Been awarded Recruiting Award.
0-10 General: Time in 1 year. Been awarded 3 Seasoned Combat Vet Awards.
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Ranks and rank requirements :: Comments

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Ranks and rank requirements

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