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The Soldiers Without Boundaries Clan that is exclusive to all of Xbox Lives community for anyone who would like to join!
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There is now an introduction forum set up. ALL members MUST post an introduction, as the applications have been taken down. This does NOT have to be personal, but you can make it personal if you choose to. It must at least contain your exact gamer tag. Please be sure to do this as soon as possible. TMT 1 has been posted under 'Structure'. The bootcamp test will be set up within the next day or two. This test will be the passing grade into an E-5 rank. After you become an E-5 by passing the TMT 1, send a group request for TMT 2, the link can be found at the bottom of the page. The new rank system is also up!! The awards and pins are still under construction, but will be up within the next day or two.

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Murder Rich
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PostSubject: For Everyone   Fri Jun 18, 2010 5:01 am

OK the website is pretty much finished a few minor things remain but nothing that should hinder our progress as functioning as a competitive clan.
We got a few new people in that still havent sent a reply to the private message sent to them when they joined i need this info to place you in a squad.
If you havent activated your member sheets please do so. I can keep better records when i have this information available anytime. I will get divisions fully functional real soon. I also need members to register with game battles in they want to compete(if not let me know via PM)Gamebattles.comafter you register send me a friend invite. If you dont have me as a friend on xbox live plz send me a request my GT Murder Rich and also send me a friend request through this site. Im going to scheldule at match with Divine Knight in the next couple of weeks. I know alot of ppl want to play but i need to know who will show up so check the calender this date is by far not set in stone. I also got word of another clan wanting to play us but im not making a date until we get this one out of the way. im also setting a general practice date which in you are not required to attend but would be nice to have alot of members show up for.The focus will be squad communication. I noticed noone barking orders during the time we do play together and thats cool i dont expect everyone to be ordered all the time its good just to relax sometime,but during our practices i expect our leaders or members to take charge and direct the squad. Again check the calender for these dates Another thing please use the website you dont have to post but try to check in every once in awhile. I dont expect our officers to try to keep up with members that dont use the site. Oh yeah im doing BCT/TMT testing time here in a few days so if your interested take note of the time i will be around on the calender.Once i get the a few people done with these. i will be taking volunteers to give tests. In order for you to take TMT 1 you must meet the basic requirements all the information you need in under the structure forum and any comments for the structure forum should be directed to general clan discussion in the Structure thread.

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For Everyone
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